About us

GIBSON Shoe Factory, Inc. is a 100% Filipino-owned shoe manufacturing company from Marikina.


It traces its roots to Gibson’s Shoes, a mid 1940 entity originally founded and established by GAVINO CRUZ AND RAMONA SALVADOR

In 1974, the company was then passed on to their daughter, LEONOR C. ANDRES. It was then renamed and re-organized as Gibson’s Shoe Enterprises. From a mere casual shoe maker as originally pursued by the founders, the new entity ventured into military shoe making and in the following year in 1975 was accepted and accredited by the Philippine Department of National Defense (DND) as one of its suppliers of Goodyear welted shoes such as dress and combat. (SEE MORE) From then on, she bagged contracts with the said institution. The biggest was a three-year supply contract agreement for dress shoes. Inspired by this success, the enterprise acquired in 1979 direct rubber (soling) vulcanizing machines (DRVM) from Australia and Germany, also upgrading its supplier status with DND to Direct Molded Soled (DMS) boot-maker, a technology that further helped her make a name in Philippine military shoe making industry and won substantial contracts with the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP).

In 1994, because of a significant increase in the capital structure and a much-expanded operations, the enterprise was changed into a corporation, again renamed to GIBSON’S Shoe Factory, Inc as it is known today and integrated the family members of the inheritor* as stockholders,

Incidentally, it was also during this year that the company started making safety shoes to maximize the use of its DRVM and to take advantage of the niche for DMS safety footwear.

In 1995, as dictated by the markets’ need for a lighter, yet durable safety footwear, the company bought polyurethane (PU) casting machine (pour type), but retired it after two (2) years only in service in 1997 in exchange for a more advanced polyurethane injection system from Desma, Germany. As probably influenced by fate, this new investment was originally thought as a wrong judgment because of the technological problems encountered in the use of polyurethane and in the design and styling of the footwear. However, Gibson’s perseverance did not end there, but was further challenged in discovering ways of eliminating those problems. Hence, after a number of investigations and trials, they’ve finally found solutions which are now exhibited by a more stylish and durable polyurethane soled safety footwear going out of the factory. This experience also inspired the company to acquire its own rubber milling and compounding machines and open press curing machines, eliminating flaws in the rubber compounds from toll compounders and paving ways in the direct control over shoe soling quality and property for rubber soled shoes and boots.

Again, as dictated by technological trends in industrial shoe making, the company further invested in double density PU/Rubber injection machine also from Desma, Germany. To date, GIBSON’S Shoe Factory, Inc could be considered as the most technologically advanced military and safety footwear maker. It provides itself as the leading industrial shoe maker of Goodyear welted on PU and/or rubber sole, DMS on nitrile rubber sole, Single Density PU Shoe Sole and Double Density PU/Rubber. The company’s name cannot only be felt in the military, but can also be seen in police, aviation, security, rescue, coast guard, schools, shipping and logistics, power generation, cement and mining, etc. This can be attributed as a result of her dedication in making quality industrial shoes as proven by increasing number of her clients and approvals she has been receiving from AFP and Philippine National Police and certifications from an internationally recognized footwear accrediting and testing body OSHC (ANSI).

Over the next decades, GIBSON’S Shoe Factory, Inc. will continue with her tradition and with GOD’S guidance and inspiration be able to maintain and improve, its name in the industrial shoe making industry; not only domestically, but also internationally, which she is now looking into.


“To supply high performance footwear for the Armed Forces of the Philippines, Philippine National Police and industries using cutting-edge technology and state of the art construction for customer satisfaction.”



“To achieve public recognition on superior customer and service for excellence in shoe production, that is durable, dependable and comfortable.”

“To meet the specific foot gear requirement of customers locally and globally.”